«Fashion that heals.»
Our charity project to support women's beauty.
Dee di Vita is a charitable initiative started in 2016 from a partnership between Mantero and San Raffaele Hospital's Salute allo Specchio. San Raffaele Hospital in Milan provides psychological and social support for women undergoing oncological treatment. The initiative conveys the values of beauty and strength of women through a creative expression contained in a unique product. It provides practical support to women undergoing treatment, helping them to rediscover the desire to take care of themselves. Dee di Vita turban is on sale to the public online and in selected boutiques that have supported the initiative generously. Sales proceeds will be donated to projects that support cancer patients.
Dee di Vita turban is cheerful and colourful: it interprets women’s strength and energy, celebrating their beauty and enhancing their femininity. The bright and soft silk twill - a valuable fabric suitable for all seasons - becomes a special caress for women in care and summarises the key values of female solidarity. Buying it, giving it as a gift or wearing means actively participating in a virtuous path.
Farfalle - Turban

The turban is made from Mantero's core product, the 90x90 carré, and is cut in the middle creating two flounces and curled and tightened with a round elastic on one side. The result is a fabric that can be tightened and discretely or extravagantly knotted, according to one's style and mood.

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The turban prints, made of soft and bright silk twill, come from a selection of scarf drawings in the Mantero archive. Starting from Mantero's core product - the classic 90x90 cm carré - the turban has an original package design. It can be worn in an unlimited number of knots and becomes a perfect synthesis of the company and brand values. Because of its charitable purpose, it has a special, deliberately democratic price.
With the "donation" Turban initiative, you can give your support and make a more generous gift. You can buy the turban and have it delivered personally to the most needy patients of the S. Anna Hospital in Como. Select the "donation" Turban option in the recipient box at the check-out or contact us for further information.

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