In Mantero has more than 100 professionals dedicated to the delicate stages of the product development. Senior employees and young talents combine experience and an innovative spirit during all phases creating unique luxury products for an increasingly fast, changing, and demanding market.
From the idea to the finished product: we bring new products to life with our extraordinary set of skills.
Our product manager a key figure, a sort of orchestra conductor. They define the materials, coordinate with the Atelier for the design creation, analyse and suggest the most appropriate printing processes and yarns. They also recommend the development of the fabric motifs, made with the jacquard looms, the techniques for finishing the garments and the different types of hemming.
Once the design has been developed, our Masters of colours define the different versions and enhance each motif by studying and creating colour combinations based on the latest trends. The process starts with a wide colour palette which is applied precisely and skilfully. Its colour combinations have been carefully designed to confirm the brand's mood, highlight the design, sublimate the decoration and enhance the complexion.
The study of the most suitable format for a design is fundamental for our core product:the foulard (or silk carré). Awareness of the pattern’s statement, attractiveness, and target market are equally important. The scarf’s beauty must be intact when it is open, with its pattern showing its rich details and also when worn folded and knotted.
A print design requires meticulous artistic work on balance and colour combinations to be fully appreciated.
A scarf? Each size reveals a unique personality. A classic 90x90 cm carré. More youthful and histrionic in the 70x70 cm version. Magnificent and regal in the 140x140 cm maxi version.
11.000 colour shades encoded on an exclusive software for digitised versions: a modern magic we use as we tirelessly search for perfection.
Print, colour, fabric: three variables, infinite possibilities widened by size. If it is clothing, the design may vary by size, pattern grading and marker making. An accurate analysis that leads to the creation of wearable masterpieces.
Silk, cashmere, wool, cotton and other fabrics. Each yarn, multiple weave and weight possibilities. The fabric choice is a fundamental part of our development process.

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