The Atelier is our creative heart – the magical place where designs are forged.
The dialogue between Mantero's and Maison's stylist teams gives rise to projects that allow to configure contemporaneity and convey emotion.
After a research phase, the design is processed in various ways. A hand-drawing is developed using traditional Indian ink, watercolour, gouache and experimental techniques such as cyanotype or newer effects obtained by working the motif on special paper. Computer-drawing is more flexible thanks to software updates and better systems integration.
Our designers interpret the ideas they receive with sensitivity and vision. They study and rework on these ideas according to their creativity, adapted to suit each item's needs.
With their multi-skills (coming from art, photography, fashion, and textile worlds), our designers are a cohesive and eclectic team. They identify the most suitable creative path for visual representation and transfer the ideas onto fabric.
Transforming keywords, images, fragments of poems, and imperceptible hints into decorative motifs on fabric is a daily challenge. There is no room for boredom or repetitiveness.
"The real voyage of discovery is not seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes."
Marcel Proust

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