Mantero and People

Mantero is a United Nations Global Compact partner: United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest strategic corporate citizenship initiative that stems from the desire to promote a sustainable global economy, respectful of human and labour rights, environmental protection and the fight against corruption.
We have:

• We provided opportunities for training, growth and mobility within the company.

• We adopted maximum transparency, fairness and reliability criteria for our employees, suppliers, customers, external bodies and local communities.

• We promoted equal opportunities and have established gender equality as one of our most important values.

• We implemented our Code of Ethics values and are free from any discrimination based on ethnic-racial, sexual orientation, religion, politics, personal or social conditions.

• We implemented our Code of Ethics values working in good faith and honesty, in the fight against corruption, fraud and illegality.

• We participated in the Promoting Refugees Integration Association project and dedicated to permanently employing political migrants with the company. The Association is linked to the UNHCR.

• We adopted the ISO 45001 certification scheme, which alongside other ISO standards, defines a worldwide standard for a workers' health and safety management system.

• We obtained the SA8000 Social Responsibility certification, which identifies the international standard for corporate social responsibility. This includes respect for human rights, workers' rights, protection against child exploitation and guarantees safety and health in the workplace.

• We selected suppliers based on traceability and transparency of products and services supplied. We are also assessing the adoption of environmental safety at work, and social responsibility shared procedures.

• We partnered with the San Patrignano Design Lab, creating upcycling projects - the creative process of transforming by-products or waste materials into new products. Less waste, creative fun and highly unique results.

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