Mantero 1902 - The Brand

We want to communicate beauty through the print world and the colours.
The artistic creativity of the foulard - the product that has always distinguished us and that is born, every time, as if it were a painting - contaminates our accessories and our clothing items that are transformed in this way in true "timeless" icons,
with a contemporary and original aesthetic.
The motifs are taken from research in our precious archive: unique, multifaceted and cosmopolitan prints rich in history.
Creativity, production excellence, heritage and modernity are contained in each Mantero 1902 product which is designed, developed and created with our flair and passion.
Mantero 1902 is the first ambassador of Italian excellence, Mantero Seta, in the world's most famous textile district.
Transforming garments: a few styling changes and the garment acquires a rock or classic soul, for daytime or evening, adapting to a thousand personalities contained in every woman without sacrificing balance and refinement.
Extraordinary combinations of designs, a world of colours, and a guarantee of valuable fabrics.

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