Mantero and the Environment

We are daily committed to improving technologies and processes' sustainability, reducing consumption and producing consciously and sustainably. The 60 trees planted outside our production site are a symbol of our commitment.
We have:

• We implemented the Chemical Management 4sustainability® protocol to eliminate toxic and harmful substances in production processes through Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL), inviting our suppliers to follow the same principles throughout the supply chain.

• We completed the works to reduce dispersion and partially recover condensate in the compressed air and steam system.

• We expanded the photovoltaic energy production plant, with a capacity of 972.38kW.

• We purchased new steaming equipment. Its technology requires less steam per unit of fabric treated.

• We invested in electric vehicles and installed 11 recharging stations available to customers, suppliers and employees.

• We installed an LED lighting system which has led to a saving in electricity consumption of around 65 per cent.

• We obtained the ISO 14001 environmental certification. This certifies compliance with the environmental management standard (EMS).

We have built a new system in our central heating plant using a co-generator - consisting of a primary energy source powered motor that produces electricity by engine rotation. The engine cooling process and residual temperature from the exhaust fumes heat the water for the washing process. This is a practical example of circular economy which protects the environment and natural resources and makes it possible to save methane and reduce CO2 emissions.

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