Mantero is a family-owned textile company founded in 1902, in Como, by Riccardo Mantero. Since then, Mantero has been lovingly weaving, dyeing, printing and tailoring its garments, contributing to the prestige of the Como textile district, whose standards of quality and refinement have always been the highest in the world.
The Mantero story is one of excellence that has been handed down for four generations. Its name can be found in the Register of Historic Companies. The Register rewards companies which are more than 100 years-old and have passed their wealth of experience and entrepreneurial values to later generations, while respecting the environment and people.
It is the people who, with their knowledge, represent the real company’s asset thanks to the knowledge developed and handed down over the years to different generations.
Our products - fabrics, scarves, ties and other textile accessories - are rigorously Made in Italy in our Como headquarter. Arts and professional skills coexist - design, dyeing, traditional and screen printing, digital printing, weaving, finishing, edging and quality control.
The Mantero family, in its fourth generation, has been running the company for 120 years.
Moritz Mantero, the seventh of eight brothers, was born at the same time as the Italian Republic. After his studies and a German apprenticeship, he joined the company at the beginning of the 1970s. As sales manager, he opened branches in Paris, New York, and Hong Kong, which was later transferred to Hangzhou. At the end of the '90s, after Mantero Group’s corporate restructuring, he was the Chairman and main shareholder.

Lucia Mantero, born in 1977, is from Como but she is Milanese by adoption. After graduating from high school, she took a degree in Marketing and Communication at the University Cattolica. The following year, she attended a master's degree in Fashion & Design Management at Sda Bocconi. In 2007, she worked full time in the family business. In 2014, she became responsible for the product development area. In addition to her organisational role, she worked as a coach. Her continuous research and creativity drive were fundamental for product innovation.
Franco Mantero, born in 1973, joined the company in 2004. Graduated in Economics at the Bocconi University, he gained additional experience through extended stays abroad. He has a passion for digital technology. He became the family business CEO in 2011. Before that, he managed the business unit which was focused on soft fabrics and accessories for luxury women's brands. He is appointed Mantero Seta president since 2021.

The Mantero logo was designed by the London-based Minale Tattersfield & Partners firm at the end of the 1980s. The logo was created after research into the new corporate image. A graceful capital font that suggests authority and classicism - the historical tradition - with the addition of a logotype, used on its own or as an apex, that merges the family and company’s initial letter M with the Roman numeral VIII in a refined unity. Eight is the number of the third-generation members and the companies that have merged into the group.

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