Fashion is a journey through time and the "eternal return of novelty" (R. Barthes).
The archive: a source of genuine inspiration for our designers to start their creative research.

The Mantero Archive is one of the world’s richest textile archives, covering 2.500 square metres containing 75.000 prints on fabric, 70.000 scarves from the most prestigious Maison, 30.000 hand-made theme-archived designs, more than10.000 volumes and thousands of print screen test papers.
In the large Mantero Archive there are extraordinary historical volumes, collections of drawings and fabrics that are full of suggestions, meticulously catalogued and representative of a daily stimulus for the research of our designers.
This inestimable value has been developed through Mantero's productions and acquiring Italian, French, English, German and American textile archives. It includes an extraordinary collection of 800 Kimonos and about 500 fabrics. The Ken Scott Foundation's magnificent exclusive archive was added in 2020. It is a space that becomes magically cheerful and "pop" with its collection of more than 6,000 original designs. The designs multiply into fabric swatches, test papers and colour variant folders, 500 framed elements and paintings, more than 1,000 garments, fabrics, bijoux, furniture, objects, documents, invitations, magazines, advertising and different mementoes.
Test papers are a fundamental element in the screen-printing process. They visually summarise the print result with the precise number of screens and reading of the photoengraving design. These outlive the screens - which can be damaged through use - becoming valuable evidence of the pattern history.
The Mantero archive is a unique story, rich in images and colours, old volumes, fabrics, magazines, photographic books and evocative materials from the past.
«We meed to feel the scent of the past to value the present.» Archivio Wallach, 1920

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