This recent technology was widely introduced in textile printing since the late 1990s. It is based on a set of heads controlled by a specific software, generating an inkjet on command. After exiting the firing nozzle, the colour becomes a droplet that forms a dot on the fabric. By repeating this process at high speed, the graphics uploaded in the software will be reproduced.
Digital Inkjet printing
Speed is one of the crucial digital printing requirements. This keeps pace with contemporary fashion. The Monnalisa machine average speed, depending on the printing resolution, is approximately 50 metres per hour.
Digital printing has recently evolved both technically and creatively. It has matched and sometimes surpassed traditional printing's definition and colour rendering. Mantero has equipped itself with the latest-generation printers with high-precision print-heads. It has also presented a collection of large, all-over and placed designs, which express the new machinery's full potential.
The first group of heads prints on the first side of the fabric, and immediately afterwards, the second group centres and aligns the second print on the opposite side, meeting the creative instructions inserted in the design source file. This allows the same design to be obtained in two variants on both sides. Alternatively a more intriguing, innovative and creative approach is working with two different designs.
Mantero is attentive to innovation, and has invested in new Skyjet printers that allow "indent" or "perfectly centred" printing on both sides using two plotters that print simultaneously.
We can offer a digital printing that qualitatively has nothing less than traditional printing thanks to the preparation of the fabrics with dye-transfer agents (latest-generation dyes which penetrate the fabric better) and preparing the files carefully. This technique permits the creation of motifs that were previously impossible to print.
Complex designs, or a better reverse, require increased resolutions, without reducing the speed significantly.

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