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  • Contemporary chic


    At an appointment in the Tortona area of Milan, we are guests of the Nathalie and Virginie Droulers’ design studio – cosmopolitan twins, Como-born and raised to see beauty and to pay attention to unique details. Each with their flair, they together design and furnish homes, shops, hotels and luxury boats. Their taste is appreciated all over the world. Twins. The same. But so different. They run the Droulers Architecture firm in Milan, a luxury and international design "laboratory" (with solid roots in Italian good taste and manufacturing) that deals with architecture and interior design. They love high craftsmanship, formal cleanliness, and the quiet elegance that always makes a space modern. They are more than sisters, as only twins can be. They love and fight each other, and understand each other with a glance. Virginie graduated in Graphic Design from NYC's Parsons. With her short haircut, she is agile and self-confident and deals with interiors, palettes and matching. Nathalie graduated in Architecture from the Milan Polytechnic. A silk blouse and a photo of her children (twins) on her iPhone. She deals with "structures." If you want to build a house from scratch or renovate it from top to bottom, you must ask her. On a sunny afternoon, amidst silk, orchids and colourful bags, they told us about their lives and their idea of charm.
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  •  The elegance of the hedgehog


    I met an authentic artist, musician and author, who grew up loving art, listening to jazz and dreaming of Edith Piaf. Marianne Mirage, a former rebellious tomboy who didn't want to wear a skirt, is now a young woman with a magnetic charisma. Pale skin, freckles, feline eyes, black hair in an afro. When suddenly, she takes on the guitar and sings, she has a voice that thrills. Giovanna Gardelli - Marianne in honour of France, and Mirage "because that is what I am when I am on stage" - is an authentic Italian musical talent. It is no coincidence that she is under Caterina Caselli’s Sugar label. After composing the soundtrack for Paolo Genovese's film "The Place" (nominated for David di Donatello), Pupi Avati chose the single "Corri" (from the debut album "Quelli come me") for the "Il Fulgore di Dony" prime time TV series which he directed. This will be shown on Rai1 from 29 May. Marianne is working on her new record.
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  • Discovering (seven) new talents between Art and Fashion


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    We live in a historic moment that has seen the emergence of ""projects"" that see art and business intertwined. The Louis Vuitton Foundation and the Abu Dhabi Louvre projects are recent examples. We should reflect on the exceptional numbers who attended the Christian Dior Paris exhibition, the media relevance given to the Musée Yves Saint Laurent opening in Paris and Marrakech. Then we have the sell-out Caravaggio exhibition at Palazzo Reale, in Milan, the endless queues outside the Uffizi and the flourishing of art-related shows and publications. In an era when fashion shows become entertainment and are placed in historic venues, it makes us wonder what the link between Art and Fashion is.

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