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  • The priceless lightness of style


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    Foulard. It's a special, untranslatable word that you pronounce with the accent of your language but rolling the R. Once you say it, you know what it is even if perhaps you don't know its history…. It is a French term which dates to the 18th century. It literally means silk handkerchief and is derived from the Provençal word "foulé", meaning "lightweight fabric".Foulard scarves are today made chiefly from silk, and twill which is the most suitable fabric to enhance colour prints. The term suggests twill armour and therefore cross-ribbed fabrics. 8200 metres of silk thread is required to make the most classic size carré, i.e. 90x90 cm. The weight of this symbol of elegance is "only" 51 gr. Light as a poem. But the foulard scarf’s origin is much older!

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  • Women Talks


    Luisa Bertoldo is one of those women that other women can only love. She left the Veneto area and moved to Milan alone. She created a solid PR agency that bears her name (and that deals with design, food, fashion, and culture) from scratch. She is a mother to Giovanna, a delightful girl she had with her partner Francesco Mandelli, (an artist, attentive father and discreet presence during our shooting). She is ironic and precise. A genuine union of refined details and educated subtleties, pop references, elegant voice, beautiful manners and laughter. She has the pragmatic beauty of an intelligent woman. It's pleasant to stand beside her and discover something more about her style...

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  • Ultra Violet Crush


    Get ready to see it everywhere: ultra violet, a purple shade which comes from an encounter of deep-blue with vibrant-red, is the Pantone Institute’s colour of 2018. Far from conventional, it contains a precise historical and emotional meaning. Ultra violet communicates originality, naivety, creative and visionary thinking – concepts that go beyond the past and project us towards the future. If greenery celebrates the relationship with nature and a more intimist and romantic approach, ultra-violet connects to the unceasing technological and progressive wave. This combined with creative and artistic inspiration, becomes an innovative virtuous circle. This choice does not stem from a design whim, but rather from a profound reflection on what the world needs today.

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Since 1902, craftsmanship and savoir-faire, energy and creativity have been the common threads of all Mantero collections.