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    For 20 years, Pantone's Colour of the Year influenced many sectors, including home furnishings, industrial design, products such as packaging, graphics and fashion which uses the colour trend to create different palettes in the most immediate and creative way.But how is the colour of the year decided? The selection process is anything but trivial. A considered trend analysis is needed and the colour search takes about nine months. Every year, 20 colour experts from the Pantone Colour Institute search the world for new chromatic influences. They study fashion, all design areas, the entertainment industry, films under production, travelling art collections and new artists, popular travel destinations, new lifestyles and socio-economic conditions that are constantly changing. Inputs can come from recent technologies, materials, textures and effects that impact colour, including relevant social media platforms and upcoming sporting events that capture global attention
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  • Serial beauty


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    Shaping ceramics is her passion (after Greta, her three-year-old girl). Creating is her life force. Her smile is contagious. Elena Salmistraro is a young artist and product designer, one of the most beloved on the Italian design scene. A true Milanese, with big communicative eyes, Elena studied at art school and dabbled in a thousand art courses. "My mother used to send me to the studio to paint instead of leaving me with the babysitter." The Politenico di Como Fashion Design degree and the Politecnico Bovisa Product Design degree forged her approach. Elena is (as Fornasetti) an artist fascinated by production lines. She loves natural materials, ceramics, paper, and wood. And nature. This mix became her trademark which is to create reproducible works of art that recall the animal kingdom, as Primates – a series of her beloved apes/masks developed by Bosa, a world leader in the production of luxury ceramics. With Bosa (and Walt Disney) Elena has just created a limited-edition Mickey Mouse (in leather and studs) to celebrate 90 years of the world's most famous mouse. Never forget your inner child.

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  • Armor and a smile


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    Alessandra is an elegant woman. When she is told that she laughs and plays it down. Because she sees herself as a slouching tomboy. And yes, it is true. She is that too. But with her tapered and slim features, she can wear her beloved men's jeans as well as a Yves Saint Laurent vintage - the result is the same. She will always be instinctively chic. Alessandra, mother of the beautiful Leon, who is two and a half years of smiles, is "a woman who does." She has a passion for creating beauty works with her hands. Whether it's the wheel skirts stitched by her tailors, her iPad illustrations, jewellery, tapestry bags, research fabrics and trimmings - her brand is called Italian for Italy - or the small handicrafts she makes at home, when she feels like an "artisan" she's happy. Born in Milan, she studied set and fashion design. She is an empathic creative. "I started from fashion but as I went along I learned the pleasure of manual work. I was self-taught and never went to a workshop. For years I have approached eastern philosophies, yoga and meditation, today I find it useful to meditate by "doing." In gestures I find balance.

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