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Breakfast at POTAFIORI
Small details
“A thing of beauty, is a joy forever...”


  • Breakfast at POTAFIORI


    It is Friday morning and the weekend is about to start. We are in one of the most welcoming and charming bistros in Milan, POTAFIORI. This is not an ordinary bistro, but a place where flowers, music and flavours combine to create a triumph of senses.

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  • Small details


    'Viviana the slender Southern beauty with magnetic eyes, is our first Mantero icon. A Bari architect, she arrived in Milan driven by a profound passion for fashion. Thanks to her fashion editor experience, resolute, Mediterranean, sensual and exquisitely elegant appeal, she became an Instagram star and a fixed presence at the most anticipated fashion shows. Photographed, admired, and much copied, Viviana dresses fashion with a superb nonchalance. The renowned brands she wears never overshadow her personality. It is a quality that animates the conversation which becomes ironic and acute.

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  • “A thing of beauty, is a joy forever...”


    The beauty in an object today. Where can you find it? You can see it in its finishing, colour and design. You perceive it in its elegance. However, there is another ingredient that makes its beauty unique. Its truth and nature. Every Mantero product has the character of the Italian craftsmanship tradition. It is made from an applied industriousness which knows how to mix creativity, tenacity, organisational ability with a stroke of genius. Starting small, its influence built-up over time, making Mantero today a world leader in the production of fashion fabrics and a reference name for silk.

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  • Like a Diva


    From the singer Erikah Badu to Princess Mozah Bint Nasser, Brigitte Bardot to Amal Clooney, many jet-setting women, glamorous goddesses and modern finance princesses wear the turban as a gesture of modesty and a challenge to beauty.

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