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Sping / Summer 2021

Silk. Print. Colour.
Three magical ingredients that would be enough to create original and impressive accessories and clothes. Silk is soft and sensual and different weaves and sheens play within it, each print is reworked by mixing patterns taken from the marvellous archive, colour becomes the absolute focus whether it has classical and saturated, delicate and refined or brighter and sunnier shades. A print is nothing without colour. And then there is Italy, or rather Salento. Stripes of the beach umbrellas immediately make you feel like summer. The unique Bougainvillea colour brings happiness. Time is suspended and brings a reassuring calm. A diffused beauty that appears casual and evokes memories. That reassuring sensation you get when you return to the places cherished in your heart, the places of childhood memories - the old flavours, colours, atmospheres, objects and reminiscences return to life and become vivid. The rediscovery of these values is simply magical – particularly during these times. The Mediterranean details, the sunny Italian spirit that fills the eyes and heart, the gentle evening breeze, a caress scented with Mediterranean scrubland, earth and olive trees, prickly pears and chillies, sun and salt. So how can you not want to wrap yourself in a silk shawl?