Evocative and more naïve archive motifs have been chosen for the botanical world. These motifs alternate giant dimensions and micro proportions with clean and full-colour strokes. They are contemporary with a touch of eccentricity and gender fluidity that peeps out among so much femininity. The inside and outside references are presented using geometric, essential, architectural and figurative elements.
Marisa - Silk midi chemisier
The SS22 collection is based on the “In & Out” concept. This concept uses everyday but sophisticated accessories, clothes and bags that are easily matched. Prints become creative frames of dreams and visions.
The delicate and dusty tones bring to mind the memory of a reassuring past where you can abandon yourself gently and completely. Nothing in this theme is in contrast, neither the prints nor the colours for a precise desire to convey peace and relaxation, to transport us in a perspective of slowness and essentiality.
Michelle - Silk shirt
The feeling that this world of prints and colours wants to convey is of intimate immersion in a lighter and more dreamy nature.
Grand Tour is the predominant motif. The classic Hawaiian hibiscus pattern and that inimitable touch of European elegance dates back to the 1980s. The large, simple and graphic flowers are delicate, yet impactful. The colours, mixed together, move on the garments for a new narrative.
The classic you do not expect is instead represented by the From The Window print where, on a geometric grid in colour block, floral motifs appear, initially shy but, at a second glance, powerful. They look like opposites, but they're not! The flowers exist and are made more beautiful by the geometric backgrounds that would be too sparse without these botanical hints.
Bonnie - Cotton jumpsuit
"Classic is fun". This is the key phrase of the world of colours and prints. Blue, white and red is the trio that most frequently brings to mind spring and summer. A classic that never tires, played down here through two groups of fresh and contemporary.
The motifs and palettes of this mood are sophisticated, classic - like the 1981 Wisteria Lane motif - and contemporary.
British Charm is a mix of three small motifs dating back to 1902 - the year Mantero was founded. Juicy cherries, dynamic polka dots and delicate flowers coexist and alternate in a naive game of pure fun.
Colour is the leading element of this world: rich, saturated and bold. Full of energy, an explosion of joy and dynamism. Darker tones are lighted by yellow and fuchsia, reminding a hot and burning summer sunset.
Explosion pattern fully embodies the collection emotions: freedom, happiness and eccentricity. The flower is broken down in its full chromatic strength. Leaves? Flowers? Giant botanical elements move everywhere on the fabric, creating magnificence and simplicity at the same time.
Summery, cheerful, dreamy and vitaminic: the accents we find in this proposal. Indeed, the chosen tones are all extremely joyful and brilliant. These are the expression of a rediscovered summer, finally lived to the maximum vital energies.
Escher is one of these mood motifs, which seems like a quiz: what do you see? Glasses are real or just an illusion? Lines lose their shapes, but are we able to give meaning to these new weaves? This ironic game theme wants to enhance a new sense of observation and sharing of daily reality. Here the objects that surround us can amaze and show up in always different shapes and looks, whit a pinch of imagination.
The classic design Wisteria Lane acquires grit thanks to unexpected color interpretations.

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