Our Fall Winter 21 collection manifesto is a desire for rediscovered elegance. Impeccable tailored garments that will never go out of fashion, surprising colours, full of unexpected combinations, that reveal discordant patterns. The colour range includes soft, reassuring naturals, with romantic rosy tones and classic burgundy, bright pastels paired with bold deep black, and sparkling, “vitaminic” and cheerful colours with stronger and more vibrant tones.
It is an eclectic, vibrant, cheerful and reassuring collection, original but without excess, a graceful tale of Italian creativity.
Flowers are the collection’s undisputed motif, but they have different styles - pop, surreal and even “old style” following the passion and nostalgia for the past ages.
Serendipity: a colour palette full of optimism. The dawn lights reveal the balance of the most beautiful shades of blue painting the autumn skies. Serendipity: a perfect balance between deep sky blue and vibrant bright shades.
The collection does not feature only flowers, but geometric patterns - alternating stripes, mosaic and tile effects - micro motifs and giant decorations that seem to come from a fantasy world that revolutionises proportions.
Cloe - Long silk dress
The scarf prints - originally created for the square format - are carefully redesigned for clothing to achieve a perfect balance of placed motifs.
The bags. Original items that do not sacrifice practicality and surprise with their unusual combinations of printed silk and coloured suede.
Everytime - Clutch
In addition to the timeless twill and crêpe de chine silk garments, Mantero 1902 winter is dressed in wool crepe, padded silk and the exclusive Resilk. This fabric is made of regenerated silk which is as warm as cashmere, and equally seductive.
The taste for vintage finds new forms of expression even in the silhouettes’ rigour. The garments’ sartorial details express a renewed bon ton where elegance is combined with practicality.
Patti - Wool duster coat

An ode to femininity. Like a graceful dance between sun and shade, the magical Golden Hour brings a new light to beauty. Soft, warm shades combined with touches of vintage elegance, for an inspiration that comes from the sun of the most romantic sunset

In addition to the silk scarves with hand-finished hems, the collection is enriched with accessories to dress the head, shoulders, hands and décolleté in a new and unpredictable way.
On Top - Padded turban
Vibrant time: stronger, more vibrant tones. From a bold black background, an explosion of joy and colour.

Classic and luxurious patterns that reveal a flourish of vibrant shades and fantasies.

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