SMALL CARRÉ TWIGGY ORANGE 80X80X120 cm - 100% Silk Twill
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Fall/Winter 2018

In 1974 David Bowie sang “Rebel Rebel.” It was a song destined to become a glam movement hymn in just a few weeks. Rebel Rebel condenses the speed, the desire for rebellion and the need to give free rein to individuality typical of youth movements, into just a few lines.

2018: Mantero 1902 adds a hint of unconventionality to its collection. It goes beyond the strict confines of a silk carré but without becoming excessive. The wide and varied collection mixes well-defined styles and abandons the absolute bon ton rigour to embrace and conquer a wider audience. The 2018 Fall Winter collection condenses a desire for the new that finds its roots in the charm of returning fashion.