Printed fabrics

However, printing is a world unto itself, offering thousands of possible combinations: the base fabric, printing techniques, colour choices and finishing techniques. By using the same ingredients, it is possible to obtain a vast and varied range of different effects.

As digital printing has evolved over the years both from the technical and the creative point of view equaling, and sometimes even exceeding, the definition and the color rendition of the traditional silk screen printing, Mantero has adopted new printers with 16 printheads and has presented a collection of drawings with very wide repeats, allovers and pannel designs, conceived and developed in order to showcase the full potential of new machinery.

Mantero offers its customers its know-how and savoir faire.

With its Atelier of designers boasting a broad range of different skills that are constantly updated, Mantero not only creates prints for clothing, lingerie and women’s swimwear collections – presented at major trade fairs – but also for its customers’ clothing and accessories collections .

In addition to a top-of-the-range offer for high-end luxury brands, Mantero also proposes a collection of contemporary, trendy, pret-a-porter fabrics at highly competitive prices.