Jacquard fabric

Mantero develops projects for jacquard fabrics thanks to the support a team of young designers boasting in-depth technical expertise in the field. The offer of fabrics is differentiated by typology and composition, resulting in solutions having different weights, textures and appearances: from ultra-light chiffon to fabrics for outerwear, from clothing to accessories.
Mantero uses a vast range of textile fibres, including natural, artificial and synthetic ones, offering its customers tailor-made solutions to suit individual requirements.
Thanks to an in-house Cad Jacquard design studio and state-of-the-art looms, Mantero prides itself on developing a comprehensive range of designs having a maximum thickness of 140cm and, theoretically speaking, an unlimited length.
In September of 2014 a new proposal of solid piece-dyed fabrics joins the rich collection of creative jacquard.