Mantero Factory

Fabrics and accessories that revisit and reinterpret the technical traditions of weaving, printing, finishes and manufacture.
Hence the birth of the Mantero Factory: reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s original studio, a place where “each day something new is created”, a meeting point between different personalities to develop specific skills related to free creativity.
A place that shies away from the restraints of daily toil; a laboratory where thoughts can really be thought and then mixed, diluted, turned around, shaken up and overturned.
Ideas, projects that act as a stimulus for the creation of products that can be mass-produced. Handmade prototypes that transform matter into an idea. New techniques that are inspired by old fabrics.

Incessant, febrile research that converts the vision of a product into the product itself and transforms our senses: words become fibres and yarns, sight designs, sensations tactile finishes, sounds the rustling of fabrics.

Today, Mantero Factory defies time, the harsh reality of everyday living, the tight deadlines of collections and works behind the scenes to offer new products to those who choose Mantero as a partner, a laboratory that works at 360° and one that also offer targeted research.

Mantero Factory, because the future only really exists if one is capable of seeing it.