The family

Vision and an entrepreneurial spirit are the underlying philosophy of each strategic choice. In a radically changed world where renewal is an absolute must, Mantero’s generational changeover at management level though continuing to respect the company’s longstanding history and tradition, nevertheless, resulted in a fresh injection of contemporary, innovative ideas.

  • Franco


    Franco, currently Managing Director of the company, graduated with a degree in Economics. After working for IBM, he joined the family-run business where he initially found himself facing several problems linked to the management of company logistics, resulting in the implementation of a computerized warehouse, and management of the fast fashion market, whose importance and vitality he realized was essential to the growth of the business.

    Responsible for making all strategic decisions, Franco has a passion for the product and is totally committed to research, always motivating his co-workers to be proactive and forward-looking.

  • Lucia


    Lucia, graduated with a degree in Languages, subsequently going on to take a Master’s degree in Fashion, Experience & Design Management. After working abroad, she joined Mantero as a trainee, an experience that, within the space of a few years, enabled her to familiarize with figures, strategies and the product.

    After gaining important experience as Brand Manager for the company’s own-name brands as well as those under licensing, she now holds the position of Marketing Manager.

  • Moritz


    Together with his children, to whom he has passed on his passion for fabrics and his DNA, since the very beginning, Moritz, currently Mantero’s President, has always had an extraordinary feel for fabrics and an innate ability to test and evaluate their textures. His global vision, acquired after studying and working abroad, resulted in his creating “outposts” in Paris and New York for the commercial side of the business as well as a branch in China for the purchase of raw materials. In order to cope with the economic crisis and the generational transition taking place in the company, Moritz perceived the need to hire a team of professionals to work in key positions in the company in order to provide the family with additional support.

  • Federico


    Federico, Moritz’s brother and Honorary President, has promoted growth of the company by applying his engineering skills to the industrial sector. It is thanks to him that, over the years, Mantero has demonstrated and consolidated its highly integrated nature as well as its commitment to always being innovative and abreast of the times.